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You are a survivor

Living with undiagnosed ADHD into adulthood can be an exhausting and sometimes lonely experience for many of us.

Losing jobs, relationships, opportunities and of course car keys, can all be part of the course and many people can lose themselves.

The starting point for all of our coaching puts the focus on re discovering you and who you really are.

Not all rocks become diamonds but with the right people and support around, many of us can find a way to shine.

You know as well as I, there is so much more inside you that you want to share with the world. The innate gifts, passions and talents, are just waiting to be given the time and space to re-ignite

Take a deep breath and recall a missed opportunity or failure from your past. What could you have done differently if you’d had the right tools and support around you back then?

What if blaming yourself for your shortcomings hadn’t been your default position?

What if you never have to feel that alone, miserable and misunderstood again?


Learning to listen to and trust yourself again, is at the heart of what you need to succeed.

Remember, you are already a survivor and a total bad ass to have got this far.

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